Outline of JCCI Singapore Foundation      

JCCI Singapore Foundation was established by the ‘Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Singapore’ (JCCI) in May 1990. It is the first of its kind launched among overseas Japanese Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The objective of the Foundation is to support the development of arts, culture, sports and education in Singapore. 

The Foundation provides a channel through which the Japanese business community in Singapore can put forth their support in realizing Singapore’s vision of a dynamic and culturally vibrant society. 

The Foundation raises its funds annually with donations by Japanese companies, the members of the Chamber. Since its establishment, the Foundation has given out a total sum of S$7.4million to 321 organisations and individuals (including FY2016) in the form of donations and awards.  

Besides donations and awards, the Foundation started scholarship programmes in 1995 in commemoration of Singapore’s 30 years of National Independence as well as the 5th Anniversary of the Foundation. The Foundation offers local university students with study scholarship to universities in Japan such as Musashino Art University, Waseda University, Ritsumeikan (APU) Asia Pacific University and International Christian University.

Working towards sustaining the harmonious relationship between Singapore and Japan, the JCCI Singapore Foundation will continue its efforts in helping to stimulate Singapore’s cultural and social development. 

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